Snow on sidewalks “adversely impacts” Hamilton’s LGBTQ community: committee report


Hamilton’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee claimed in a report that snow on the city’s sidewalks is a “disability justice” issue which adversely impacts the city’s LGBTQ community. The letter of support was presented to city council on Tuesday in response to a prior decision by the Hamilton’s Public Works Committee to not expand the portion of sidewalks cleared by the city following winter squalls. On April 19, the Public Works Committee voted down a motion by Coun. Nrinder Nann to vastly increase the area the city was responsible for. According to Nann’s motion, the city would have to clear an additional 783 kilometers of sidewalk, which could increase residential taxes by approximately $12. Currently, the city only clears 397 kilometers out of the available 2,445 kilometers of sidewalks. “Not clearing snow from the City’s sidewalks is an issue of accessibility and disability justice. These issues adversely impact Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+Hamiltonians,” wrote LBTQ Advisory Committee Chair Cameron Kroetsch.

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