Barring transgender women, girls from female sports teams ‘fundamentally unfair,’ says Canadian athlete


A Canadian transgender athlete says it’s “reprehensible” that some U.S. states are trying to ban trans women and girls from playing for female sports teams. “What they’re really doing is fighting for what one might call the non-existent rights of [non-transgender] women and girls, while treating trans girls and trans women as not real girls or women,” said Veronica Ivy, a two-time track cycling world champion. “It’s fundamentally unfair,” she told The Current’s Matt Galloway. Republican lawmakers in states across the U.S. have introduced more than 100 bills related to transgender issues this year, according to Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. organization fighting for LGBTQ equality. Many of those bills aim to prevent transgender women and girls from competing on women’s and girls’ sports teams. Proponents of such legislation argue that allowing transgender individuals to play on women’s sports teams gives them an unfair physical advantage over other players.

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