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Man Shows How Ridiculously Easy It Is to Get a Tesla to Drive with Nobody Behind the Wheel


Tesla prides itself on cutting-edge innovations in car manufacturing, particularly its famous Autopilot system. However, recent developments have indicated that this technology may not be as safe as previously thought. On April 17, a 2019 Tesla Model S carrying two men crashed into a tree near The Woodlands, Texas. Both men died in the accident, KPRC-TV reported. The story has gained traction because, according to Harris County Constable Mark Herman, no one was driving the car at the time of the crash. While there are supposedly safeguards in place to ensure that someone is in the driver’s seat and using the steering wheel, Herman said he believes the car wasn’t being driven by a human when the crash occurred. In response to this tragedy, Consumer Reports set out to test how easy it is to get a Tesla to drive with no one in the driver’s seat. Its findings were alarming. “Consumer Reports engineers easily tricked our Tesla Model Y this week so that it could drive on Autopilot, the automaker’s driver assistance feature, without anyone in the driver’s seat — a scenario that would present extreme danger if it were repeated on public roads,” the report said.

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