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Rudy Giuliani raids signal accountability is coming for the Donald Trump era: Norman Eisen


Former President Donald Trump and his cronies should beware. The search warrants executed against Trump’s former personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, mark a leap forward in the Department of Justice’s look into the past four years of potential illegalities. It signals turbulent waters ahead for Giuliani and his former client alike. These warrants are not easy to get. You need to convince a judge there is probable cause of wrongdoing. The warrant must also pass tough review at the highest levels of the DOJ. That these warrants survived this double scrutiny is itself a sign of serious trouble for the former New York mayor. It is particularly unusual for prosecutors to execute a warrant against a lawyer (the most recent notable example is someone else who served as Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen). That’s further indication of the depths of Giuliani’s jeopardy. The raids of Giuliani’s home and office last week could produce additional direct, contemporaneous evidence tying him directly to Trump’s alleged shakedown of Ukraine. Texts, calls, notes or other evidence might very well be on the devices that were seized.

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