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World’s First Laundry Detergent Made From Industrial Carbon Emissions Launched By Unilever


Unilever has partnered with LanzaTech and India Glycols to produce a laundry soap made from industrial carbon emissions—instead of from fossil-fuels. The innovative shift in production utilizes biotechnologies and a newly configured supply chain between the three partners, who are working together for the first time. Typically derived from fossil fuels, surfactants are a critical ingredient for creating the foam and cleaning action of many household cleaning and laundry products—from dish soaps to fabric detergents. The new process now allows surfactants to be made using recycled carbon. Recycled carbon is a key form of renewable carbon and is essential to eliminating the use of fossil fuels. The process marks the first time a surfactant made using captured carbon emissions will be offered to consumers in a mainstream cleaning product. The new surfactant launched in China on April 22nd, Earth Dan, in an OMO (Persil) laundry capsule—and, best of all, will not increase the price of the product. Unilever consumer data from 2020 found that 87% of consumers in China considered climate change as serious a threat as Covid-19, the highest of all countries polled.

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