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Out-of-control Chinese rocket expected to fall to Earth in the coming days


‘It’s just considered bad practice to throw large pieces of metal from the sky,’ an astrophysicist said. On April 29, China successfully launched a crew module for a space station that it says will be completed by the end of 2022. But the first stage of the rocket that sent that module into orbit is falling to Earth uncontrollably. The module, Tianhe, which means “Harmony of the Heavens,” launched on a Long March 5B Y2, China’s largest rocket, on April 29. While most rockets launch in two stages, the first stage usually re-enters in a known location, or some remain in orbit eventually burning up upon re-entry (only the SpaceX Falcon first stage rockets return to Earth in a controlled landing). However, because the Long March 5B is so large, some space experts predict some of its components may reach Earth.

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