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Affinity Groups: The Left’s New Term For Segregation


If ever a Leftist policy has an unpopular term or connotation attached to it, progressives simply rename it and pretend things are different. Abortion turns people off? Call it “choice.” Illegal immigrant sounds bad? Call them “undocumented workers.” People don’t like riots? Call them “peaceful protests.” One of the latest examples can be found in education, the business world, and government training programs: Affinity groups. On its face, there’s nothing seemingly wrong with the term. Affinity groups have been around for centuries, typically involving people who naturally organize into groups based on shared characteristics and interests. Think of the Freemasons or sororities to something more nebulous like your friend group. People have been sorting themselves into groups for as long as humans have existed. But a certain type of affinity group has risen in the past decade or so, one that isn’t about people coming together, but about separating people based on one specific characteristic: Skin color. This used to be called segregation, but that term rightfully brings up negative feelings, so it has now been rebranded under the guise of affinity groups.

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