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Revealed: The Chinese Communist Party’s Media Outlets Are Promoting The ‘Abolish Policing’ Campaign


Chinese Communist Party-run media outlets are making the case to “abolish policing” in the United States, capitalizing on the far-left’s new and radical, Marxist talking points. The American left has been all-too-willing, like during the Cold War, to promote the goals of a foreign and hostile power. This time, it’s the Chinese Communist Party. The April 30th op-ed — “Police violence won’t end until we commit to public safety” — also relies on a popular left-wing argument for ditching the institution: the practice developed from slave patrols and is, therefore, inherently racist. “Not until policing is seen for what it is, a tool to maintain an unequal social order and not an institution sworn and committed to public safety, can we begin to get solutions that move us in the direction of justice,” the op-ed in China Global Television Network (CGTN) posits. Penned by Ray Baker, an Adjunct Professor at Towson University, the piece conflates police officers to slave patrols, both of which “fulfilled dual capitalist aims.”

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