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Seattle paramedics left teen to die in CHOP zone: lawsuit


Paramedics are being accused in court papers filed Wednesday of leaving a teenager “to die” after he was shot on the edge of Seattle’s lawless autonomous zone — which was so dangerous, the fire department said it needed a police escort just to enter. Lorenzo Anderson, 19, was shot several times on June 20 last year right outside of the city’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) area — a seven-block “autonomous zone” that sprouted up amid Black Lives Matter protests after the police murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, the claims state. At the time, the area was overrun with anarchists and self-appointed security guards who were policing the area with semi-automatic weapons and wouldn’t allow police to enter after 10 p.m., the claims state. After the police curfew, a 911 call came in for the shooting of the special-needs teen. At the time, a Seattle Fire Department ambulance was approximately two blocks from the crime scene and police were stationed about a half-mile away, the claims allege. But instead of rushing to save the special-needs teen’s life, they didn’t respond immediately, the claim states.

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