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‘Goodwill’ money from proposed nuclear waste site pours into declining Ontario farm town. What if it stops?


A citizens’ group is accusing Canada’s nuclear industry of using its financial might to groom a declining Ontario farm community into becoming a willing host for the country’s most dangerous radioactive waste. In a pamphlet about the proposed disposal site that was published last year, the Ontario municipality of South Bruce — which encompasses the farming communities of Teeswater, Mildmay, Formosa and Salem — says it’s “on the decline.” The pamphlet tells of a shrinking population, where rural towns and village “downtowns are fading from what they used to be,” with vacant store windows, big infrastructure bills and few prospects for new economic growth. Protecting Our Waterways – No Nuclear Waste, a grassroots citizens’ group, accuses the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) of taking advantage of the decline by spending millions of dollars on “goodwill” projects the community couldn’t afford on its own. 

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