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Only An Incredibly Foolish Country Would Be Reliant On Line 5 When We’re Awash In Oil


Canadians shouldn’t even know the name of the Line 5 pipeline. It should be completely inconsequential to our fortunes. It shouldn’t matter at all. After all, we’re a country that is absolutely swimming in oil, with some of the largest reserves on the planet. We could easily pump out enough oil to serve our own domestic needs many times over, put a bunch into a strategic reserve, and make billions selling it around the world, with tonnes left over even after all of that. Yet, here we are, dependent on a foreign pipeline to supply some of our most heavily populated regions. Quite frankly, it’s a disgrace. And it shows how foolish our nation is, and how lacking we are in any sense of our national interest or strategic acumen. Given this situation, it’s worth remembering that it was completely unnecessary. Canada should already have the Energy East pipeline bringing oil from Alberta to the East, making Line 5 something that wouldn’t be needed, or at the very least rendering the possible shutdown of Line 5 something that could be mitigated with little disruption.

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