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Op-Ed: Why More Racists are Democrats Than Republicans


Six months have gone by since the 2020 election, and many people continue to scratch their heads about how Donald Trump fared even better with minority voters than he had in 2016, which, in turn, was better than Mitt Romney did in 2012. They perceive Romney as a principled statesman, obviously forgetting his shameless attempt to become Trump’s secretary of state after his failed bid to turn voters against him only months earlier. And many of them are convinced that Trump is a despicable racist, so they can’t even begin to understand why any person of color would support him. Here’s a start: Upon closer examination, most of the racists in America are actually Democrats, not Republicans. No discussion about racism should begin without first agreeing on a definition of the word. Mine is very narrow: Racism is either 1) hatred of a particular race; or 2) a belief that such race is inherently inferior. Anything else I chalk up to race-based stereotyping, which I call “racialism.” Both concepts apply to ethnicity as well.

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