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Congressional Dems ‘Skeptical’ Of Biden Tax Hikes, Fear Agenda ‘Dangling By A Thread’


President Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on both wealthy individuals and major corporations, but Congressional Democrats are increasingly “skeptical” of hiking taxes, and many of Biden’s closest Democratic allies are now worried his ambitious first-term agenda is “dangling by a thread,” dependent on a slim majority in the Senate and the health of a sitting Supreme Court justice. The White House announced an ambitious, two-part “infrastructure” plan in the president’s joint address to Congress in late April, paving the way for a massive expansion of government, a massive increase in spending, and a correlating massive tax hike targeting individuals making just under half a million dollars, investors who see benefits from capital gains, and multi-national corporations that moved operations back to the United States under the Trump administration. Last week, the Daily Wire reported that some Democrats were privately huddling with Republicans, strategizing on how to break the Biden infrastructure plan into palatable pieces, beginning with a bill that would focus directly on physical infrastructure improvements and followed by a more family-focused legislative package.

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