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New Leger poll shows Conservatives gaining on Trudeau Liberals


A new poll has the Conservatives at 30%, the Liberals at 33% and the NDP below 20%. Federal Conservatives saw some hopeful numbers in Leger’s weekly survey for May 10. Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives sit at 30%, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals at 33%, and the NDP of Jagmeet Singh at 19%. The more minor party’s support remains unwavering, with 6% for the Bloc Quebecois and 6% for the Greens. This is welcome news to the Conservatives who have struggled to surpass the 30% threshold under O’Toole’s leadership. Although 338Canada still lists a 98% chance that the Liberals will win the most seats, every small step in the right direction is a win for Federal Conservatives. There is other good news in this poll for Conservatives, O’Toole’s party polls at 29% with women compared to 31% for the Liberals, a significant improvement compared to other polls. However, the conservatives perform poorly with men at only 32%, with the Liberals at 35%. Conservatives are also slightly ahead with voters 35+ but only have 20% support with those 34 and below.

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