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Thursday, November 30, 2023

About Us

CA News Forum is a gathering place to share and discuss current international news events. This is a moderated forum with rules that are designed to encourage respectful conversations between Members. This is a privately owned site and being a part of this Community is a privilege, not a right. Privileges will be revoked either temporarily or permanently for those who find our rules too cumbersome.

We encourage Member participation, both through posting comments and authoring interesting discussions for others to read and comment about. Any Member in good standing who has registered for an  account may author new discussions, comment on the various discussions available and respond to and rate the comments of other Members.

With the exception of our daily Off Topic thread, this channel is specifically for discussing news events. It is not a personal blog or a soapbox for people to share whatever is on their minds — there are other sites on the internet for that. We hope that you will explore our site and choose to become a Member of our community.

Comment Ratings

Our site allows Members to rate the comments of others to express agreement and support or to convey disagreement with what was written. In order to recognize their contributions to the community, we have created a ranking system that acknowledges Members as their vote counts reach certain milestones. The chart below shows the ranking system.

CANF Ranking Chart

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