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Bucha killings: Satellite image of bodies site contradicts Russian claims
Woman involved in horse accident at Ottawa protest was ‘not seriously’ hurt: watchdog
Most Canadians support Liberal-NDP deal but feel it betrayed voters: poll
Many Hungarians spoil ballots to invalidate referendum on LGBTQ content in society
With her latest budget, Freeland faces pressure to do more – and a lot less
A Kremlin paper justifies erasing the Ukrainian identity, as Russia is accused of war crimes
Pierre Poilievre cross-Canada leadership rallies “off the charts”
Trudeau Liberals back at it again with new internet censorship bill
Florida Bill Already Doing Its Job, Teachers Abandoning Profession as Open Child Grooming Could Become Virtually Impossible
Russia’s Participation A ‘Farce’: U.S. Calls For Russia To Be Kicked Out Of U.N. Human Rights Council
Throwing Hunter Biden under the bus won’t be enough to clear Joe
Great News! Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Largest Shareholder After Conducting a Poll
Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Understand Why People Don’t Appreciate Everything Democrats Are Doing for Them
It was Watergate until it wasn’t
Why the LGBTQ+ are fighting Florida’s anti-grooming law
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Federal Liberals look to protect carbon price from any future attempts to cancel or lower it
The federal carbon tax is set to rise April 1. How will that affect gas prices?
Conservative leadership candidates jockey for position on the carbon tax
Liberal Climate Plan Doubles-Down On Policies That Are Making Canadians Poorer
Don Martin: Trudeau’s emissions plan fits a pattern of inconsistency and delusion
Canada’s new climate plan demonstrates the price we pay for procrastination
Four provinces move forward with small nuclear reactor plan
Oil and gas sector emissions need to be cut two-fifths by 2030, new climate plan says
New York suffers record March cold; Toronto breaks century-old low temp benchmark; + UK forecast coldest start to April in 100 years
The true cost of fracked US ‘freedom gas’
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Great News! Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Largest Shareholder After Conducting a Poll
Psaki is leaving the White House and not a minute too soon
The media are still intentionally misleading the public about the Bidens
Law to help Canada’s news industry, and combat fake news, to be tabled within days
Trudeau Liberals’ ‘expert advisory group on online safety’ includes known misinformation spreader Bernie Farber
Melanie Joly claims her mandate includes battling “propaganda online”
Poilievre calls for defunding of CBC at rally
Elon Musk Reveals What Type Of Social Media Platform He Is Giving ‘Serious Thought To’ Creating
‘Priceless’! NY Times asked Candace Owens where she got her ideas about Ukraine (then it got awkward for the NYT)
Google CEO Sundar Pichai hid emails from feds probing antitrust claims by falsely marking them as private and covered by ‘attorney-client’ privilege, DoJ says
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NDP, unions happy Liberals will include strikes in anti scab law
Giant diamond dubbed ‘The Rock’ going up for auction
Yup, Now Even Tipping Is Racist
Labour minister facing economic, political pressure as CP Rail strike continues
Oakville couple says house sale at risk due to tenants that refuse to leave, Landlord and Tenant Board delays
How a jetpack design helped create a flying motorbike
Hollywood celebrities call on RBC to stop financing B.C.’s Coastal GasLink project
Woke Starbucks To Phase Out Disposable Cups For Nasty Reusable Ones
Retired union leader Jerry Dias under investigation for allegedly breaching Unifor constitution, union says
Elon Musk says Tesla, SpaceX facing significant inflation pressures
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Feds say new fighter jet selection is coming, but exact timing still unclear
Airline Grounds All Flights Using Boeing 737-800 After It Crashes Into Mountains With No Signs Of Survivors
Russia used hypersonic missile to show off new powers – analysis
A Short Note on EV’s
Science & Technology
How a jetpack design helped create a flying motorbike
Carbon-Negative Plant Opens in Turkey Turning Algae Into Bio-Jet Fuel and So Much More
New space telescope snaps into focus and this photo it took has blown NASA away
NASA’s ‘mega moon rocket’ is heading to the launch pad. Here’s what you need to know
Chinese graphite stranglehold threatens global EV ambitions
Russia warns sanctions could cause International Space Station to crash
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Lawyer for group of protesters wants Trudeau to waive cabinet confidence for Emergencies Act documents
Hunter Biden Probe Broader Than We Ever Realized, Grand Jury Convened Behind the Scenes
LGBTQ Groups Sue Florida Over Parental Rights In Education Law
The media are still intentionally misleading the public about the Bidens
FEC Fines DNC and Clinton Camp Over Bogus Trump Dossier
Federal Judge Blasts Double Standards in J6 Sentences
Most key participants in Ottawa convoy protest not yet charged
“Beyond the Pale For Any Civilized Society to Consider” – Newly Introduced California Abortion Bill Could Legalize Infanticide For Several Weeks After Birth
Jan. 6 White House Phone Logs Allegedly Missing 7 Hours of Trump’s Call Data
Gaetz Pushes To Strip Security Clearances From Intel Officials Who Dismissed Hunter Biden Laptop Story
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‘Rise of the BA.2 variant is worrisome’: Quebec urges caution as it warns of ‘possible’ 6th COVID wave
Humanity Is Still Moving Towards Greater Freedom
China: How is its zero-Covid strategy changing?
Tooth issues can cause life-threatening conditions, advocates say, as feds move on dental care
Israeli researchers find a new, natural weapon for fighting cancer
Ottawa Police chief admits no firearms discovered at Freedom Convoy
Quarantine Slaughterhouse: Numbers Are Coming in on Non-COVID Deaths During Lockdowns
People Magazine Warns ‘Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber’s’ Are Happening in ‘Younger and Younger People,’” Ignores Lethal COVID Vaccine Effects
Israel’s field hospital in Ukraine is a source of pride – editorial
Utah Governor Vetoes Bill Protecting Girls’ Sports, State Legislature Moves To Override Him
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Hajdu hopeful all long-term boil water advisories lifted in Canada by 2025
Some Islamic scholars predict the end of Israel in 2022
Calls to ban Iran from World Cup for tear-gassing women to bar access at match
Ottawa to review Indigenous Services department to identify discrimination
Palestinian Islamic ‘Scholar’ Blames Europeans For Everything
Equating Illegal Immigrants at Our Southern Border with Ukrainian Refugees
Pro-Palestinian social media celebrates murder of Ukrainians in terror attack – analysis
‘Hi! This Is 100% Illegal’: Megyn Kelly Slams School District After Critics Say It Will Factor In Race When Disciplining Students
Physical fitness is white supremacy, MSNBC columnist says
Canada’s seed vault asks First Nations to identify important tree species
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