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Politics & Economics
People Call Out Chuck Schumer’s Reaction As AOC Claims An Answer To Violent Crime Is Not Building Jails
Quarantine hotel history: Detention, disease and Wi-Fi
The Dark Face of Palestinian Terror
Why we just witnessed a pro-Trump purge in the Republican Party
Future of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in question in Canada over blood clots, supply issues
Leftism: The snake is eating itself
Trudeau Liberals, NDP vote to end debate on extended mail-in ballot bill
New Leger poll shows Conservatives gaining on Trudeau Liberals
CNN Fact Check Shows Biden Made Up Fake People to Support Jobs Plan
Federal government to spend $12B on Toronto, Hamilton transit
Singh’s anti-lockdown extremism accusations “despicable”: Bernier
Breaking: Israel Kills Hamas Commander Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir, IDF Says
Congressional Dems ‘Skeptical’ Of Biden Tax Hikes, Fear Agenda ‘Dangling By A Thread’
Potential ‘Mutinying?’: White House Press Corps Fume Over Biden Administration’s ‘Extra Control’ Over Media Coverage
Ontario will no longer offer first doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
PM defends foreign minister travel as ‘essential’
Pattie Lovett-Reid: When it comes to hobbies and side hustles, the CRA is watching
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Fear of climate change rust belt has governments considering carbon border levy
America’s electric cars need lithium so badly it may wipe out this species
Mother’s day was a record-breaker: Rare cold and snow blasts America
Conrad Black: The climate of fear that gave way to unjustifiable environmental policies
‘Goodwill’ money from proposed nuclear waste site pours into declining Ontario farm town. What if it stops?
“Molecular Glue” Boosts Efficiency and Makes Perovskite Solar Cells Dramatically More Reliable Over Time
GridScale: Storing Renewable Energy in Stones Instead of Lithium Batteries
China labeled biggest polluter, more than US and rest of developed countries combined
Should Canada mandate sales targets for electric vehicles? Report says ‘yes’
Only An Incredibly Foolish Country Would Be Reliant On Line 5 When We’re Awash In Oil
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Allow App to Track? Most iOS 14.5 Users Tap Fuggedaboutit!
Facebook Oversight Board Member Goes Rogue, Eviscerates the Social Media Platform: ‘Their Rules Are in Shambles’
Homeland Security May Be Crawling Your Social Media Profiles, Here’s What the Feds Are Keeping an Eye out For
Potential ‘Mutinying?’: White House Press Corps Fume Over Biden Administration’s ‘Extra Control’ Over Media Coverage
Pierre Poilievre slams Trudeau’s censorship czar for spreading misinformation
NPR Accidentally Admits Big Tech Interferes in Elections
Minister backtracks comments on Bill C-10, says social media users ‘will never’ be regulated
Facebook’s ‘arbitrary,’ ‘inconsistent’ censorship follies
‘Everyone seems confused’: Bill C-10 heads for second review of whether it impacts Charter rights
Latest Internet Fad Has People Eating Rotten Meat to Get High
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Cracks appear in China’s New Silk Road
Pandora says laboratory-made diamonds are forever
Basecamp Bans ‘Wokeness’ At Work, And Their Tantrum-Throwing Woke Employees Prove Them 100% Right
World’s First Laundry Detergent Made From Industrial Carbon Emissions Launched By Unilever
Man Shows How Ridiculously Easy It Is to Get a Tesla to Drive with Nobody Behind the Wheel
World’s widest plane completes second test flight in California
Cheeky sign war sparks ‘salty’ battle between Ontario businesses
Donald Trump’s firm claims up to £500,000 via Covid-19 job fund despite axing staff
Trump’s longtime CFO, whose testimony could send him to prison, suggests he had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy on breaking the law
In Sworn Testimony in Inauguration Scandal Case, Donald Trump Jr. Made Apparently False Statements
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Hologram Experts Can Now Create Real-Life Images That Move in the Air – Like a “A 3D Printer for Light”
Virgin Hyperloop shows off the future: mass transport in floating magnetic pods
Chinese rocket debris set for uncontrolled re-entry by late Saturday
“Molecular Glue” Boosts Efficiency and Makes Perovskite Solar Cells Dramatically More Reliable Over Time
GridScale: Storing Renewable Energy in Stones Instead of Lithium Batteries
A New Way to Make AR/VR Glasses: Freeform Optics Combined With Metasurface to Avoid “Bug Eyes”
Major Swedish Hospital Stops Prescribing Puberty Blockers, Hormone Treatment For Minors
Starlink satellites train seen from earth – SpaceX Elon Musk
Out-of-control Chinese rocket expected to fall to Earth in the coming days
New Directed Energy Device for Biomedical and Military Defense Applications
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The Wall Street Journal hints that Bill Gates has a Jeffrey Epstein problem
Biden Uses Police Week Statement Honoring Fallen Officers to Lash Out at Cops
Upcoming Liberal Changes To Justice System Abandon Personal Responsibility, Embrace Identity Politics
‘Everyone seems confused’: Bill C-10 heads for second review of whether it impacts Charter rights
Hamas fires rockets into Jerusalem after clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters
Proposed federal justice reforms could reduce number of Indigenous, black people in system, say advocates
Public Safety ignored Antifa, violent left-wing groups in banned terror group report
Needed: A National Election Fraud Database
Chauvin juror who didn’t recall wearing George Floyd-themed shirt wore it at least twice
Revealed: The Chinese Communist Party’s Media Outlets Are Promoting The ‘Abolish Policing’ Campaign
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‘It’s a shame.’ Trudeau responds to Alberta justice minister’s pandemic accusations
Ontario to pause first doses of AstraZeneca vaccines
Opposition right to be wary of Liberals withholding details about fired Canadian scientists with Wuhan links: expert
Biden Put Past Life Healer in Charge of School Reopenings
China population growth falls closer to zero, raising concerns over shrinking workforce
China: Man left dangling from bridge after glass breaks
Jagmeet Singh says there’s a link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism
Ontario’s stay-at-home order will likely be extended into June to avoid fourth COVID-19 wave
Ontario expected to expand COVID-19 vaccine eligibility again
How COVID-19 vaccines developed in China, Russia and elsewhere could impact the pandemic
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Watch BLM Founder Praises Book in Adoring Comparison to Killer Communist’s Manifesto
Op-Ed: Why More Racists are Democrats Than Republicans
WALSH: The Biden Administration Is Systemically Discriminating Against White People. Here’s The Proof
Toronto City Councillor calls for removal of ‘white and male’ politicians from Canadian currency
Affinity Groups: The Left’s New Term For Segregation
Seattle paramedics left teen to die in CHOP zone: lawsuit
Maxine Waters’ Anti-Cop Rhetoric is Getting Black People Killed
White Parents Still Teach Kids ‘Colorblindness.’ That’s A Big Problem
What’s In The Democrats’ ‘George Floyd Justice In Policing Act’? Here Are 4 Key Takeaways
Exclusive: Classified study found COVID-19 could have originated in Chinese lab
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